About Us

who we are

Hey! We’re Melissa and Matt, a Canadian & American couple embarking on a year-long trip around the world. We've always been passionate about travel, it's actually how we met, and we're excited to share our journey with you! We plan to visit 24 countries before 2024!

how we met

We met in a hostel while solo traveling Montreal in June 2018! Since then, we did 3 1/2 years of distance relationship - with nearly 2 years of it after we were married! In that time we traveled to and from the the US and Canada frequently, but still managed to squeeze in some new places too. On New Years Day 2022 we started living together in Manchester, England!

what we're doing

After a year of living in the United Kingdom - the first place we've lived together - we left our jobs to travel full time! Now we're currently in our first country of the year - Taiwan!