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April Family Activity: A Picnic!

We snuck our April family activity in tonight, just in the nick of time! Spring seems to finally have arrived in Canada (at least this part), so we took advantage of it with a picnic along the river. Ashley has been sick, but mustered up some energy to run around the park for a little while.

We had schwarmas, potatoes, and rice- yum! Ashley was particularly a fan of the garlic sauce (she definitely ate a handful of it!). We even ran into one of Mark’s cousins and his wife who were riding their bikes in the park!

Although it would have been nice to have a longer time outside, this was a great way to kick of spring and hopefully many more sunny family activities!

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Happy Birthday!

It’s Ashley’s 1 year birthday today! We debated how to celebrate and decided to make it a family day with the three of us, since we’ll be celebrating with the rest of our family this weekend.

Mark took the day off and we spent the day doing fun things. Ashley played with Daddy for a good part of the morning; they even snuggled for awhile! We went to Tot Time at the town pool. I’ve never seen Ashley so excited to get there! She wanted to go, go go! She crawled up the steps a few times and escaped from the pool, but for the most part, she wanted to be swimming.

We came home and had lunch, then Ashley took a nap while I made cupcakes for her! I tried a new recipe for banana cupcakes (since she loves bananas so much). They turned out yummy! Ashley was a fan too.

Ashley skyped with Grandma and Grandpa, and talked to Nana on the phone. Before dinner, we all went for a walk around town; we saw some streets we hadn’t gone down yet.

We also tried to take some picture of Ashley on her birthday, but she didn’t really want to cooperate. It was a great example of how much she’s grown in a year!

Finally, we asked some questions of the birthday girl. She was quick with her answers!

It was a good first birthday and we look forward to celebrating many, many more with her!

(Being the organized parents that we are, we forgot to give her the birthday presents we got her, and Mark forgot to read her the poem he wrote before we put her to bed!)

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