Monthly Archives: March 2013

Snow time

In February, we realized that we needed to let Ashley play in the snow or we would run out of time (we didn’t expect winter to continue this long!). She had been sick a lot of the winter, so when we had some snow and a healthy baby, we seized the moment!

She proved that she was my daughter, though, and remained pretty unimpressed. We definitely spent more time getting her dressed in her snow clothes than we did outside! She did ride on her sled for a few minutes with her cousin, Lisa, and we saw 1 smile. Overall though, she wasn’t quite sure what to make of it!

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A visitor!

We had our first non-family visitor last week- our friend Jessica from DC came to visit for a long weekend! Unfortunately, she arrived as winter was trying to get its last licks in, but thankfully she actually likes winter!

We had fun showing her around Essex and sharing part of our (rather dull) life with her! We took her to one of our favorite arabic restaurants and our local market. She went to church with us on Sunday. We also went to the apple orchard, took some walks around town, and had a play date at the pool with some friends from church. We tried a new-to-us burger restaurant- we all agreed we should go again! (Ashley enjoyed watching soccer there while chomping on a pickle!). Jess was kind enough to babysit Ashley, so Mark and I got to go on a date (that included a trip to the new target!)

We’re so glad that Jess could visit us and hope to go see her in DC sometime too!

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Ice Cream!

It looks like spring might finally show up!! This weekend has been beautiful–sunny and warm! On a walk this afternoon, we decided it would be a good day to fit in our March Family Activity, so we went to our local ice cream stand to get a snack! We let Ashley enjoy spring and ice cream too! I think she liked it

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Ashley is fascinated by three work being done on the new carpet. She’s been standing and watching the workers all day. She’s chartering and trying to play peak a boo!

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11 months old!

There once was a girl who was seven, And then suddenly she was eleven, eleven months old that is.

I’m clearly not the poet in our family, and our baby is quickly becoming not a baby! It seems like yesterday I was trying to determine if she was a newborn still…and soon I’ll be asking if I can call her my baby still.

Eleven months old today! Where has the time gone? A year ago, we were playing a name game (and Grandma had just figured it out!), and today Ashley was trying to make Grandma and Grandpa laugh by putting a huge chunk of apple in her mouth!

There are a lot of thoughts flying through my mind (and lots of blog posts that should get written), but suffice to say for now that the past 11 months have been more exhausting than I ever thought possible, and more wonderful and more rewarding. But, enough sappiness….I have another month before she’s 1!!

This month, Ashley’s personality has blossomed! She’s super cuddly; she’ll walk across the room (holding on to stuff!) just to give us a hug. We’ve started reading bedtime stories at night and she snuggles up to read. She started sleeping with a stuffed pink bear (aka “Pink Bear”- I’m creative, what can I say!?!). When we put her to bed, she grabs the bear, rolls over on her belly/knees, and keeps Pink Bear tucked under her arm. We’ve been having Mark’s family babysit a little more often while we deal with a busy calendar, and she’s in love with all of them!

She took her first steps a few weeks ago, but hasn’t shown much interest in walking still. The past few days, she’ll sometimes stand up along and get excited, then decide crawling is faster! She’s babbling up a storm, and we sometimes think there are words in there. Today, we had finished our bedtime routine, but she was still playing (Thanks to a long afternoon nap!) and she was chattering, “da da da”. I asked her if she wanted dada to come back and read some more, and she said “yeah.” She says da da pretty distinctly and in context…but it’s also her favorite chattering sound, so we’re not ready to declare it her first word. She says “yeah” a lot too, but again we don’t know if it’s chattering. This week, she’s also been pointing at things and saying something like “that” and getting excited when we give her the right thing. (Sometimes it’s a guessing game!)

Sleep continues to be up and down. We did have a blissful week where she slept all night 5 out of 7 nights…This week, naps seem to be the thing. She’s going down easy and sleeping for a least 1.5 hours each nap.

Eating is hit and miss too. Some days we can’t give her enough food and other days she throws everything on the floor. I’m working hard to be flexible and not take it personally!

In other news, she had her first stomach bug over this past weekend (gross!), AND cut 3 teeth all in the same night. She’s been pretty miserable with the teeth this week, but it’s cute to see them finally break through after working on them for weeks.

We just finished our first session of storytime at the library. Ashley loved all of the songs and books, but wasn’t so keen on the finger play. We’ve also been going to aquafit at the local pool; Ashley LOVES playing in the water. For our family activity this month, we went to tot swimtime and had 2 pools all to ourself! We went on a Wednesday and Daddy was able to go with us too. It was a great family activity to squeeze into an otherwise crazy schedule.

Here are a few picture/video highlights of the last month:

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