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10 months old!

We’ve made it to double digits! I feel like Ashley’s first birthday is breathing down our necks – where oh where does the time go!?!? I’ve heard it said that the days are long but the years are short, and that’s definitely what I’m feeling. What happened to my little newborn? or my 3 month old? or my 6 month old? Almost 300 days of being Ashley’s mama- wow! (maybe more than 300, I just threw some numbers together in my head!)

We had a well-visit with a new nurse practioner and got Ashley’s newest measurements: she’s 29.5 inches tall and 21 lb 9 oz. In 10 months she’s gained 13 lbs and grown 11 inches. Crazy!

This month, Ashley has learned to dance, to ask for songs to be sung to her, to eat with a spoon (if it’s pre-loaded!), to climb the stairs(!!), and probably more. We started attending story time at the library, and she has fun playing with the books and puppets. She waves  all of the time- when we get her up in the morning, when we eat, when we play. She’s exploring new toys and making new friends. She learned how to turn the music on for her mobile in the crib (We took the mobile part off since she was close to being able to reach it when she stands up).

She’s recently decided that it’s more fun to feed herself than to eat with help, so we’ve been struggling to find foods she can and will eat. There have definitely been days when I wished we had a dog (only to eat up all of the food that ends up on the floor!) The last few days have been better though.  We gave her a waffle for lunch (without cutting it) and she worked on it pretty well. She loves cheerios and gets really excited when she sees the box.

Sleep has been not so hot. Many days, she’s taken a single nap (1.5 hours). She’s waking at night at least once almost every night. We’re TIRED! She’s been sick for the past 2 weeks, so everything is off track right now. We’re hoping that she’ll feel better in the next few days and then we can work on getting back onto a better schedule. I realized fairly belatedly this week that I’ve been trying to keep her on a schedule that’s more appropriate for a younger baby and that I need to give her more awake time and adjust when she eats, etc. I think it will make things a lot better. I think we’re in the middle of a growth spurt though because she’s wanted to eat every 2 hours the past couple of days.

She’s not walking yet, but is getting there. She’s cruising along with the furniture constantly and sometimes gets brave and lets go. She also has been practicing her falling…stand up, fall down, stand up, fall down. She thinks it’s funny. She’s also discovered the outside and loves to stand on our bed and look out the window.

It’s been so fun to see her little personality develop. She gets so excited about things…and so mad when we tell her no. This week, she’s been cuddly and will come to us and just put her head on our shoulder.

Here’s a few more random moments:

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