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7 months!

Where is time going? I feel like i just wrote Ashley’s 6 month post, and now we’re at 7 months (and a day….)!

This has been a really fun month with our little girl. Even in the past week or two, she’s putting things together in her mind and interacting with us in new ways almost daily!

Here are some of the things she’s been up to lately:

1) Opinions! Oh my, our little girl has opinions and she’s not shy about making them known! From simple things like what toys she’ll play with to who she wants to spend time with, she’s starting to tell us her preferences! She’s reaching out to people now if she wants to be picked up (or if she wants to play a game where she goes from one person to another), and she’ll throw her toys to the side if they’re the wrong ones.

2) Moving Ashley isn’t crawling quite yet, but she wants to! If we put her on the hardwood floors, she’ll push herself backwards. We’re not sure if she realizes it or not yet though. She’s also getting adept at turning around on her belly and rolling around in circles. The skills are mostly there for her to take off, but she hasn’t had the desire and/or hasn’t made the connections. Soon though.

3) Games She’s starting to put together games in her mind. She’ll play peek-a-boo (with some encouragement); she likes the be passed from one person, then turn around and ask to go back..over and over! She gives anyone kisses whose head/face is lower than hers (including her dolls). She’s been having fun tipping over her play gym and setting it back up, depending on how she rolls.

4) Exploring She pulled herself from a sitting position to upright a few times (against a laundry basket). She doesn’t quite have the strength to get all the way up, but again, she’s trying!

5) Oh the mouth! Last week, she found her tongue again and now it’s almost constantly sticking out! Grandma says that she’s getting ready for snowflake season. Mommy hopes people aren’t offended when she does it! Nana says we should break her of it now before it really is rude! She’s also started pouting again. This showed up when she was just a few months old, then went away, and now it’s back, bigger than ever! The other day she sat in front of the floor length mirror and pouted at herself for a good 5 minutes.

6) Food We’re solidly in the land of solids :). Ashley loves to eat (not a surprise). It’s a miracle that she hasn’t turned orange, because most of her favorite foods are that color! Here’s what she’s tried so far:

Barley, Rice, and Oat Cereals Applesauce, Pear Sauce, Peaches, Apple/Mango, Bananas, Prunes Sweet potatoes, squash, peas, avocado, white potatoes Chicken, Rice

The chicken, rice, and peas were not a hit. I can’t get them pureed enough for her. She did okay with the avocado the first time, but wouldn’t eat it the second time.

She’s also licked some pineapple, a blood orange, tomato sauce, hummus, and an apple. She liked it all, but we’re holding off a bit longer because they’re so acidic or hard to eat.

I just bought beets and parsnips for her, as well as green beans, broccoli and cauliflower. I also want to try blueberries soon and some protein like chicken or chickpeas.

7) Social butterfly

Ashley continues to be our extroverted baby. Grandma visited us for a week, and Ashley loved every minute of it! Well, except when Mommy and Daddy went out a couple of times for dinner & errands. Ashley wasn’t so happy about Grandma time then. :(. We’ve taken her to restaurants a few times and she thinks that’s the best. She looks and smiles at all of the people until they talk to her. She has a lot of friends at church and likes playing with her cousins too! Today, she went to the playground and played on the swings with Lisa- what fun!

8) Growing Ashley is continuing to grow! She’s wearing 9 or 12 months clothes for the most part and is just about grown out of her carseat. We tried to get a new carseat a few weeks ago and realized that we had to get a bigger car first! We chose ┬áRav4 and are getting settled with that. We need to take the new car shopping to pick out a seat!

9) Maggie Ashley thinks Maggie is so much fun. She’s gotten ahold of maggie’s coat a few times, but Maggie’s been gentle. Ashley laughs at maggie and tries to chase her. Once she starts crawling, maggie might have to hide!

10) Talking Her “vocabulary” is increasing. She has a lot more sounds now, especially consonants. Sometimes it sounds like she’s saying real words (dada, momma, yeah, hi, all done) but not consistently or intentionally. We’ve been trying to teach her the signs for “more” and “all done.” she usually just laughs when we make them :).

11) Sweet dreams Sleep continues to be good overall, but hit and miss occasionally. We’re finding that if we miss her bedtime, she will be up more than once during the night. If we get her down on time though, she’ll usually sleep all night. Naps are generally 45 minutes- 1 hour although sometimes they can be way longer or way shorter. I try not to get too upset about it, but some days are harder than others. We’re working toward a more predictable schedule, rather than the pattern we’ve been following to hopefully make things go a little more smoothly.

Now that you’ve read all of this, here’s the fun part: pictures from the past month! (We were lame parents and didn’t take very many- sorry!!)

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