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Falling in love with Fall

It’s fall! While summer and spring are probably my favorite times of year, fall is starting to grow on me. I’ve been eagerly awaiting an opportunity when we could let Ashley play in the leaves. The leaves haven’t turned and fallen enough at home yet, but we spent some time in Cleveland this weekend and came across the perfect leaf pile! We took a quick walk in one of the Cleveland Metro Parks before we headed back home and made sure we took some time for Mark to teach Ashley how to play in the leaves. We had so much fun! (Ashley has really taken to eating solids and thought that the leaves were the next food we were introducing her to!)

Here are some of the highlights:

As an aside, my aunt has a picture of one or two of my cousins playing in the leaves wearing a similar style sweater (probably 25+ years ago). I was SO excited when Ashley got this sweater from Maine so that we could have that picture too! (As an aside to the aside, TWENTY-FIVE years ago?? that’s a quarter of a century. I’m old!!)

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Problem solving

She was pretty proud of herself that she figured out how to get off the mat and get under the bars. I came back in the room and she just had this smug look on her face. She’s also been sliding around the hardwood floors on her belly (in circles and backwards) today.

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6 Months!

Six months ago, on Easter, a Bumblebee joined our family. Today, on Thanksgiving, we’re giving thanks for an Ashley Joy! God is so kind to our family to give us our little girl and to give us an amazing 6 months with her. We pray that in his goodness, he will give us many more 6 months with her!

Here’s a quick update on Ashley this month:

Go Bananas!

Her first solid food was a banana. She wasn’t sure what she thought!

So Kiss Me!

All of those kisses we’ve given her paid off, as she learned how to give us kisses!

Life is a zoo!

We went to Greenview Aviaries last weekend, and Ashley saw all of the zoo animals! There was quite a mutual admiration society between Ashley and the goats!


 Roll over

Ashley FINALLY decided that it would be okay to roll over and spend time on her belly. For the past week or so, she’s been rolling back to front, even at night in her crib! She refuses to roll the other way though, so we still have to deal with fussiness when she’s had enough (she’s done it once or twice so we know that she can….)

The Stats

We saw Ashley’s doctor last week and got her measurements. She’s 18.3 pounds and 27.25 inches. That’s the 90% or so for each! When we compare her height to her weight (regardless of age), she’s 50%, so very proportional, just big for her age :). She’s wearing a few 3 month clothes still, but is solidly in 6 months or 9 months and quickly outgrowing those.

A Quick Recap

I thought it would be fun to put together a quick review of how Ashley has grown these 6 months!

(Birth through 6 months…with 3 6 month pics :)!)

I just got a bunch of beautiful pictures of her from Mark’s sister, so look for those (and some more eating videos) in the next few days.

For now- Happy Thanksgiving from all of us in Canada

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