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August Pinterest Challenge: Raspberry Sorbet

This is a brilliant project: It uses an idea I pinned AND a wedding gift that we haven’t used yet: our Ice Cream Maker! Now, the ice cream maker has been sitting in our living room for, oh, a month, because I decided awhile ago to use it…then never got it out of the box because it needed to freeze for 24 hours before using it and I wanted ice cream NOW :). But- Mark picked Red Rose Raspberry Sorbet for this project choice and resolved all of the problems! (Here is where I give credit to my husband for having a keen discerning eye for picking pinterest challenges).

CAveat: I have no idea where to get red rose water, so he said it was the concept, not the exact recipe he cared about, so I used the raspberry sorbet recipe that came with our ice cream maker. AND because I used most of our raspberries in a trifle last week, I only made a 1/2 batch.

I mixed 1 cup of water & 3/4 cup sugar to make a syrup (cook on medium heat until the sugar dissolves). Then, add 2 cups of raspberries (I used frozen) and a pinch of salt. Blend with an immersion blender (um, not really unless you want raspberry syrup all over- i’ll use my real blender next time).


Cool for 2-3 hours or overnight (so much for the 20 minutes it promises on the box!). Then turn the ice cream maker on (with the frozen bowl noted above). Stir for 20 minutes (or until you get sick of listening to it and it looks thick). Sample it as your pour it into a freezable container. Sample again to make sure your first sample was accurate. Give it to your husband to sample, but eat that sample too because he’s still eating dinner. Stick it in the freezer for a few hours. The recipe said it needed to sit out for 15 minutes before serving, but that didn’t happen in our house. Eat the sorbet. Go back for seconds. Contemplate thirds.

The end.

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Pinterest Challenge: Creating a Routine

When I started staying home, I did a bunch of research on building a sustainable schedule to keep (get) our house in order! I liked the FlyLady’s ideas, but some of them didn’t fit with our life. Still, the concept of having a rotating cleaning schedule where you are always deep cleaning some part of the house seemed doable. So, I created a master plan and stuck with it for a couple of months (And LOVED it).

Then, enter Bumblebee and that all flew out the window. Cleaning? Yeah….not so much. in fact, it’s slightly embarrassing how much it flew out the window (We won’t talk about how long of a break we took in vacuuming). But, things are settling down again (And our house is dirty!) so it’s time to get back in the routine.

I’ve been pinning chore charts on pinterest for awhile: here, here, and here  (there was another one too, but I can’t find it!). None of these were quite right though. So, I’ve been handwriting my lists each week and then realized it would be more efficient to create a master list on the computer, print it each week, and edit as needed (I blame baby-brain!)

So, last night, I did! I set up a 6 week rotation (I was doing 4 weeks before the baby came, but can’t keep that up right now). Basically, there are things that I need to do each day (or every other day), some things to do each week, then 2 (or 3) “zones” that get special attention. I also added a place for errands, meal plans, and other tasks.

Mentally, I’m now staring at a week’s worth of stuff at a time. Today, the first day on a weekly list (versus a daily one), i’m having to remind myself that I don’t have to do it all today! and to finish what I start :). Still, I’m optimistic that this will help me be motivated to get stuff done.

Here’s a sample of the one I’m working on this week:

Hopefully, this will help us stay on track and make sure that our house is livable!

Here’s the to do list if you want to look at it more. It’s set as a word doc so it can be customized/edited.



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August Pinterest Challenge- Zuchinni Boats

In a world of way too many choices, here is my first of four pinterest goals for this month:


I decide to make Zucchinni Boats: I have zucchinni in the fridge, tomatoes in the garden, and quite a bit of mozz cheese. I actually took ideas from several pins to make these: here, here, and here

Here’s how it went:

They were pretty easy to make, and they looked nice, but neither Mark nor I were crazy about how they tasted. They were okay, but not great. He said:” I don’t mind if you make them again, but they’re not my favorite.”

So, we tried. it’s good clarity that this one won’t be a family favorite! (This project also proves that I don’t know how to spell zucchinni/zuchinni/zuchini!)


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Making a list…

checking it twice?

Not really…but I am making a list! Inspired by the one here but really nowhere near as complex.

What is my list for? The mudroom project, of course that I keep procrastinating on! I really want to get that room whipped into shape, but I get overwhelmed everytime I think of it. Enter my master list.

Here are the steps that I think I need to take to get that room where I want it!

1) Empty the room 2) Take down curtains & artwork & coat rack 3) Patch walls (spackle & sand) 4) Patch trim (door, window frames, baseboards) 5) Wash windows 6) Dust 7) Vacuum up ant bait 8) Look into better baseboards 9) Pick paint colors (walls, trim, and back door) 10) Move light fixture to the ceiling 11) Fix light switches 12) Patch hole from current light fixture 13) Add second light to mini-hallway 14) Paint trim 15) Paint ceiling 16) Paint walls 17) Seal  & paint remaining cracks 18) Clean grout (maybe) 19) Rehang coat rack 20) Find or make artwork 21) Find window treatments (roman shades?) 22) Buy shoe rack (ikea) 23) Install shoe rack 24) Find pretty indoor/outdoor rug 25) Paint exterior door 26) Paint basement door

I think that’s most of the list. Obviously, there are a few things I need help on (electrical anyone)…but in the meantime, I should start tackling the rest.

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