Monthly Archives: February 2012

Cleaning out the Freezer

We haven’t seen very many good sales on meat recently (other than ham or pork) so I’ve been trying to be creative with our meals and use up food that I’ve had squirrelled away. Tonight, I made a pasta dish with food from the pantry & freezer. It was so yummy…and I put 2 dishes of it back in the freezer for sometime over the next few months:

Pasta/Spinach/Sausage bake i lb box pasta (I used a fun, small spirally one that i’m sure has an official name) 1 jar pasta sauce 1 box frozen spinach 1 lb italian sausage 3/4 bag shredded italian cheese. Parmesan cheese

I cooked the sausage ahead of time (last night). Today, I thawed the spinach, cooked the pasta, then threw the spinach, pasta, sausage & sauce together in a bowl. Then I put it in a pie plate (I have 6 of them and was out of normal bakeable dishes!), covered it with the 2 cheeses and baked for 30 minutes.

It was REALLY good. I served it with 5-minute artisan bread and salad. I’m excited to have more in the freezer!!

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