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Pinterest ideas put into action

I waste a ridiculous amount of time on pinterest. There are always so many good ideas!! But- I’m trying to actually put some of those ideas into practice to make some of that time worthwhile :).  Here are a few we’ve tried recently:

1)  Homemade funnel cakes: I cheated a bit and went looking for this on pinterest, then couldn’t get on to the site when we were ready to make them, but still, pinterest was in there a little bit!!  We tried these on Friday night- for our first try, they turned out well! Next time, I’ll make sure the add the salt the recipe calls for and maybe some spices like cinnamon.  


2.  Fold your plastic bags into footballs: I realize that it looks ridiculous and seems like a waste of time, but it’s SO easy and it eliminates the messy wads of plastic bags that we have everywhere!  I still need to fold most of them, but so far this is a winner.

3.  Homemade clorox cleaning wipes.  Apparently, the bathroom is cleaner and less icky if you use disposable cleaning wipes. But- I didn’t want to pay to buy them- so I figured out how to make my own- cut a roll of paper towels so that each towel is cut in half, pour cleaning solution on it (I used Method tub & bath or something) and put it in a resealable container ( I used a ziplock bag). Presto- it’s quick and easy to clean the bathroom and not as expensive as it could be.







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Garden Highlights

Our flowers are continuing to bloom and surprise us. Even this weekend, we had 2 new perennials bloom! (I need to take pictures of them still). Here are some pictures Mark took this weekend:

I love this flower.  I don’t remember what it is (maybe a begonia), but it’s been one of my favorites all summer and it just continues to grow and become prettier.

We bought this flower a few weeks ago, hoping it would grow quickly and make use of the trellis that we put up for the wisteria (which will apparently take five years to bloom??).  It’s not doing as well as I hoped, but it is pretty. It reminds me of butterflies.

The salvia and snapdragons are the top performers. They are really carrying this garden (it’s very pink!!!). There are some cool pink geraniums too that add diversity. I kind of don’t know what is a weed and what is a flower in any of the beds, so they’re a little sloppy!

Here’s another shot of the pink geraniums- I love the green and pink leaves- so different and pretty!  Speaking of random plants I can’t identify, bonus points to anyone who can tell me what the tall green leaves in the back are that look like a stalk of something- I have them growing everywhere, but haven’t a clue what they are!! (they look like a rolled up hosta that’s growing upright or a bigger, tighter tulip leaf?)

Our hydrangea bloomed for the first time too! It has really delicate white flowers:

All in all, we’re really pleased with how these flowers are doing.  Now if only the weeds in the rest of the beds would go away!!

But- who wants to think about ugly weeds? Here’s one more picture of the full side bed:

(Yes I kind of went overboard on the pink!!!)

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Don’t mess with the police

This morning, someone came to our door and explained a tradition of our town: during the parade that was to take place a bit later in the morning, there would be a firetruck spraying the crowd, and they wanted us to spray the kids on the truck back. Never one to take a challenge lightly, Mark decided he would take on anyone in the parade who had a watergun with our (newly installed) hose.

Enter The Policeman on the Bike.

Now, at some point, The Policeman on a Bike came up with a water gun.  I’m not sure how, because in this picture, he clearly didn’t have one.  But by the time he got across the road, he did. And he sprayed Mark. So Mark sprayed back.  A lot. Multiple times. The Policeman on a Bike took it in good humor, but was clearly willing to take the challenge issued by Mark.  Not to be outdone, The Policeman on a Bike began to plot his revenge.  A few minutes later, we were ambushed from behind. The Policeman on a Bike came up behind us across our front lawn (which had a crowd of people on it) and began spraying Mark from behind. Mark, in true competitive fashion, grabbed his trusty garden hose to retaliate.

No water came out.  And The Policeman on a Bike began chanting something along the lines of  “How do you like this without your hose?”  Turns out The Policeman on a Bike is pretty smart. He asked one of the random people on the lawn to kink the garden hose so no water came out.

Mark was bested by The Policeman on a Bike. Somehow I have a suspicious this might become an annual competition.

Mark also wasn’t content to stop with the The Policeman on a Bike. He decided to take on the Fireman on a Truck too.

I’ll let you guess the outcome of that!

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