Monthly Archives: June 2011

Summer interlude: Getting out the BBQ

It’s summer. One of the things I love most about summer is grilling. Seriously:

1) the food is yummy.

2) you get to be outside while you cook.

3) clean-up is a piece of cake!

So, in honor of grilling season, here are a few things we’ve been making these days at our house:

Salad w/ grilled chicken (super yummy with poppyseed dressy!)

Grilled, seasoned veggies and …grilled chicken (I’m not very creative!)

We started slacking in the photo department (Shocking), but we’ve also made burgers, hot dogs, and garlic bread (Which is AMAZING).  We might have had grilled veggies and chicken once more too :).

We have a bunch of new bbq recipes to try this summer! Next up (this weekend!): Pineapple.  Come by and enjoy the summer with us!

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So far behind….

I’m sorry for getting behind. It’s really not that surprising.  I’m not even sure what’s happened in the past few weeks. oh yeah!

1) Mark finished his job and has had 2 weeks off.

2) We’ve had 2 long weekends!!!

3) We tore out most of our existing landscaping and have been buying flowers, putting in flowers, moving the flowers we put in because we bought more flowers, etc.

4) We went to northern michigan last weekend to help my brother, sister-in-law, and niece move to Indianapolis. It was a fantastic weekend, but we’re tired this week!

5) We started a new morning routine: up @ 6:30 for breakfast, quiet time, a walk, showers, and a chore before starting work @ 8:30. We’ve been pretty flexible with it, but are both liking it a lot (We don’t always get all 5 things done!!)

6) We’re hosting our first game night tonight. Completely last minute. Our house is kind of clean, but don’t touch any wood furniture or you’ll get a handful of dust

7) the town next to us is having their annual yard sale tomorrow- we’re going to go look for fun stuff and have crepes for breakfast there!

8) I have tons of pictures to post, but I need to figure out what I have and what I need to take still :). For now, here are some pictures from our day with Mark’s family to celebrate mother’s day. We went to a local park on the lake and had a great afternoon watching the kids play, find dead fish (EWWWW), etc.  His sister Lorna made a fabulous meal as well.

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