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7 Quicktake Sunday #7

We celebrated our 6 month anniversary last weekend!  The past 6 months have FLOWN by and yet it seems like we’ve been married forever.  For today’s quicktake, here are 7 reasons that Mark is the best husband :).

1) He loves God and is committed to growing to be more like him.

2) He loves my family and his and is diligent about spending time with them.  (We’ve hosted my family twice in the past 6 months and he’s as excited as I am when they come).

3) He loves Maggie and proactively thinks of ways to entertain her.

4) He loves me, and allows me to be who I am- His constant love for me makes me completely comfortable with him, without feeling the need to pretend or hide what I’m thinking.

5) He indulges me with silly things- like, when I want to paint the patio, he’s open to it.

6) He spends a lot of his free time doing mundane things with me: grocery shopping, errands, laundry.

7) He is a formidable opponent in any game we play- and his competitive nature matches mine.

We’re celebrating this week because Mark received a job offer on Monday and accepted it!!  His schedule should become much more manageable and the job is full-time programming, which was Mark’s goal.  I’m proud of him for the diligence he showed in pursuing new opportunities and am excited for the extra time this change will bring us together!!

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7 Quicktakes Sundays #6

Sorry for the hiatus over the past few weeks. With family visiting and a work trip to Dallas, blogging took a back seat :).

We’re finally getting relatively nice weather here (still a bit cool, but sunny) and the trees and flowers are starting to bloom.  We love it.  Here are a few quick highlights from the past few weeks:

1) We’re not Ivy League anymore

We spent our afternoon ripping out all of the Ivy along the front of our house. It felt like we would never finish, but then all of a sudden, it was done!  The soil looks like it’s in really good shape, so hopefully a little bit of work and we’ll be ready to buy plants!

2) Summertime is on its way!

Over Easter my family helped us get our patio set out and this weekend, we bought a grill and put it together!  Now we’re at least ready to cook and eat outside. I just need to make it pretty!

3) Speaking of pretty….

Our patio isn’t. We have a wood deck that’s adjacent to a concrete patio.  So, I was thinking… would be so much better if the patio were brick.  So, I googled it and and it turns out you can paint faux bricks on concrete.  Because my husband is easily amused, he said I could try it :).  Victoria Day weekend, I sense a project in our future!

4) Project list

So a few weeks ago, I stumbled on a website called Pinterest (and I blogged about it). but this is now my most favorite site EVER. We will definitely not run out of projects to do if I keep this board up!  Create a board so that I can follow it :).  If you want an invite, let me know!

5) Potluck:

I’ve been pinning lots of pictures on Pinterest of food to take for potluck. This week we tried something new and took Pasta Salad and Zuchinni chocolate cake. Yum!

6) Weeping but pretty

We’ve been researching plants, etc for the garden. Yesterday, we saw a weeping Japanese cherry tree and fell in love with it! I just need to decide where to put it

7. Half-Priced books

I discovered a new store in dallas- it’s a discount book store that sells books for 1/2 price or less.  Apparently it’s a chain- who knew?  Anyway- I had quite the time there last week trying to pick out books for my flight home!  Turns out there were several in Cleveland, and I just never knew about them….that’s probably a good thing!!

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