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7 Quicktake Sundays #2

1. We saw crocuses this week while we were out for a walk….more signs of SPRING! (I didn’t take a picture..booo).

2. I read the All New Square Foot Gardening book this week- I can’t wait to get started with our garden! (revision: I think we might hold off on the garden this year and focus on our landscaping….)

3. I broke a tape measure this week. I’m just talented that way.

4. Maggie approves of the bookshelves my dad built

5. We’ve had the chance to spend time with some of our fellow church members in the last few days and have appreciated the opportunity to deepen some friendships. It’s true that all relationships take time and effort, and we’re thankful that we’ve had time to invest lately.  There was a tea Friday night for the women at church that was a nice time to relax (and have lots of tea-type treats!) and then we spent the afternoon with our pastor’s family and a few other friends from church. It was fun to interact in a more relaxed setting (and of course eat fantastic food!)

6. Last night, we snuck in another family birthday with Mark’s family.  Highlight of the evening for sure was when mark’s nieces conspired with me to get Mark to laugh uncontrollably.  The photos are here:  (too bad I didn’t get a video!)

7. So, before I went to Nashville in February for NRB, the luggage that I pulled out of the basement REEKED, so in a last minute effort, we bought a new suitcase at Walmart, but after using it once, it too reeked so badly that I couldn’t use it (like awful oil/plastic/ick smell). So we went to return it last night, and got there and realized that I forgot the receipt at home. BUT- they still let us return it, even though I had no tags or receipt.  It was a happy customer service moment.

8. Bonus: My littlest niece commented on my last blog post :).

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7 Canadian Observations

  1.  There’s no mail in Canada on Saturday.  I don’t miss it. The US should adopt this and save money.
  2. I read somewhere that the US should stop making dollar bills because people don’t spend coins. In Canada, we have loonies and toonies.  Loonies are $1 and are one metal. Toonies are $2 and have 2 types of metal. This is how I tell them apart.  the US shouldn’t adopt this policy.
  3.  Our mortgage is a 5 year mortgage amortized (how do you spell that?) over 30 years. Say what? Turns out the US is like the only country in the world that gives you a 30 year mortgage. Who knew?  But apparently, that’s going away too…
  4. The metric system is hard.
  5.  In the US, ounces can be partial pounds or a liquid measurement. This is confusing when you move to Canada and are trying to convert recipes.
  6. (My list is very quickly losing focus)
  7.  light brown sugar is called yellow sugar here- don’t get confused and send your husband to buy brown sugar. you’ll get dark brown sugar, which doesn’t work well in cookies, even if you try to dilute with white sugar like the cookbook says you can.
  8.  (Bonus) when you’re in canada, because it’s a bilingual country, your chinese fortune cookies will be written in english and french (not chinese).  (No, I didn’t think about keeping it…but don’t worry – the owner’s 2nd grade daughter told me not to worry about the fortune coming true.. it’s just a fortune cookie).

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7 Quicktake Sundays- #1

So, one of the blogs that I follow posts a quick weekly update every Friday.  I figure I can at least handle a once a week posting of 7 quick updates, right? Let’s give it a try!

1) I made the first berry crisp of the season today for potluck. I have big issues that food needs to be seasonal, so no berry crisp in the winter (despite having berries in the freezer!) But since spring is starting to peak out, I decided we could celebrate a bit!

2) Speaking of spring, we saw the first robins in our yard this week!! Super fantastically exciting.

3) Given all of the nice weather that we had this week, we took advantage of it to explore one of the parks in town that has a walking trail. We walked most of the trail one night after dinner. It was good exercise and we saw some people that we knew!

4) During that walk, Mark informed me that the bells that ring every hour in town are NOT from the church across the street from us, but are from the Anglican church 2 blocks away.  Shows how observant I am!! I really thought they were ringing across the street :).  (Which makes no sense, because that catholic church isn’t really of the style to have bells…oops!)

5) Tomorrow is Mark’s 30th birthday! We went out for a yummy steak dinner last night and I let him buy two books :).  (He bought the New Square Gardening Book and one on the Red Scare in Canada from 1918-1919….this is why our library is SO eclectic).

6) Our library/office is mostly finished!! We filed most of the papers yesterday in our new filing cabinet. We just need one more curtain and a rug, then we’re finished!


7) I made my first successful pot roast/shredded beef this week in the crock pot (well…ever, really).  Last time I tried, I didn’t put any water in it (I didn’t know you had too…oops).  this time- it was fantastic…with plenty of leftovers! Yum   The best part was that it took me about 7 minutes worth of work.  That is what I call cooking…hehe

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“We’re Farmers”

So says my husband….

We have a big backyard and one of the things that we want to do is have gardens of flowers and produce. And since we’re overachievers, we will bite off more than we can chew!!

Anyway- the party store in town had seed packages for 0.39 yesterday so we stopped and bought a bunch.  Now, we just have to figure out what to do with them….um..Mom?  help?

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