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Pinterest Project: Photo Ledges

I decided to try to complete one pinterest project per month and make one pinterest recipe per month this year. (caveats: My list may change slightly as I go AND it will not be evenly spaced at one/month. But will aim to do all 12 from each list by December)

I’m a little late getting started, but I (mostly) finished my first one! I found this pin that incorporated photos over a couch using Ikea Photo ledges.


I made a quick trip to Ikea (and Five Guys. and Target) in Detroit and came home with all that I needed! Mark promptly hung them for me and I picked out some pictures. And voila!

It’s a bit different than the sample (We were too tired to figure out how to offset the ledges. maybe someday). I also need to get some different/more pics for the top ledge, I think. But for now, I’m calling this one finished!

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1700. Today I pinned my 1700 pin on Pinterest. Yup, I like pinterest.

In a sheer act of genius (not really), the 1700 pin was one that I actually did! I had to make white rice for our small group tonight and I have pretty much sworn off white rice because it always boils over, makes a mess, etc.

Enter the oven. For about a year, I’ve been baking brown rice and loving in. Thanks to google, today, I realized I could do the same with white rice.

The 1700 pin was even an original.

But more importantly, the rice turned out perfectly. It wasn’t sticky, or crunchy, just fluffy, yummy rice. AND no mess on my stove.

And therefore I’m blogging about it.

Because I spend way to much time on pinterest and not enough time on my blog.

Also, wordpress thinks pinterest is misspelled. And wordpress.. Red lines everywhere.

Really ending this now.

1700. I have a lot to do!

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August Pinterest Challenge: Where are the PJ’s?

I mentioned recently that I spent some time last month finishing up my pinterest challenge by organizing the nursery a bit more. Specifically, I cleaned up how I was storing Ashley’s clothes.

My parents were here overnight a few weeks ago, and we had to unexpectedly leave Ashley with them. Ashley woke up in the middle of the night and needed clean PJs, but my mom couldn’t find them easily in her drawers (which by that point were one big mess of clothes- it wasn’t clear what was what).

The next day, I went out and got containers and cleaned it up.

Our drawers are organized using this method, but I hadn’t thought of it for Ashley. Then I saw this pin:

A trip to Ikea wasn’t on my calendar anytime soon, so I improvised with plastic shoebox containers. (Not as cute, but it got the job done)


While I was at it, I sorted all of Ashley’s clothes by size and emptied a closet to keep the containers in:

Finally, I bought a tension rod to make this:

I intended to hang the clothes on the wall like this, but didn’t have all of the stuff. So, I took a shelf out of the bookcase and made the bottom half of the bookcase a mini-closet. It works pretty well, unless I snag something and pull it all done at 9:00 at night. Not like that’s happened though

(I keep meaning to take a picture of the bookshelf closet, but never remember when Ashley is awake. In the interest of posting this august update before September is over, I’ll skip the photo!)

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August Pinterest Challenge- Zuchinni Boats

In a world of way too many choices, here is my first of four pinterest goals for this month:


I decide to make Zucchinni Boats: I have zucchinni in the fridge, tomatoes in the garden, and quite a bit of mozz cheese. I actually took ideas from several pins to make these: here, here, and here

Here’s how it went:

They were pretty easy to make, and they looked nice, but neither Mark nor I were crazy about how they tasted. They were okay, but not great. He said:” I don’t mind if you make them again, but they’re not my favorite.”

So, we tried. it’s good clarity that this one won’t be a family favorite! (This project also proves that I don’t know how to spell zucchinni/zuchinni/zuchini!)


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