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Ashley conversations

Here are some highlights of what we’re hearing these days:

“Thank you for taking me to Nana’s house, Daddy!”

“Two churches! Ashley’s church & Nana’s church”

“Praying hands mommy!”

“Let’s both sing songs” (As she leads Mark & I to her bed at night)

“I don’t like it”

“Thank you for making dinner, Mommy!”

“I want to eat animal crackers!” (The kid is obsessed. I hear this all day long)

“I still hungry.”

“I need fresh water. “

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Clean Up

We’ve started to ask Ashley to pick up her toys before bed. Tonight was the best yet; she helped pick up more than half of them! The best part was when I picked up some play dishes. She made her adorable OH face (mouth open, hand over her mouth) and ran into the dining room to pick up the cup that she had left on the windowsill (I didn’t even know it was there). She was SO excited to help put it away!

It’s nice to have something to celebrate after a day of tantrums!

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Ashley has taken an interest in coloring and drawing recently! Well, scribbling. She’s learned where we keep the crayons and pencils and will go ask to use them. It’s a great quiet activity!

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