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On Saturday, we took a walk to the new playground that just opened down the street. Ashley had fun walking around, but wasn’t too interested in the toys. It was a beautiful day to be outside!

Recently, she’s started to stand with her arms crossed. We finally caught it in a picture!

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Family Fun: Colasanti’s

I mentioned recently that we have some goals as a family for 2013. One of those goals/traditions is to make sure we have one fun family activity every month (something outside of our regular, daily routine). We can always do more :), but this ensures that we’re being proactive about spending time together.

This month, we decided to go to Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens. Mark’s been wanting to take me there since we got married, and since it’s winter, it seemed like a good idea! It’s a petting zoo, flower shop, restaurant, arcade, mini-golf type place. I have to confess that it was more rustic than I expected, but there were some good points.

One nice thing was that the weather was gorgeous! It was in the 50’s that day, so we enjoyed not wearing coats! (It’s funny how 50 in January feels like a heat wave, but 50 just about any other time of the year is freezing!)

We stopped at the orchard to pick up our apples for the month, then headed to Colasanti’s. On the way back, we stopped at the butcher to pick up bacon and breakfast sausages).

Mark loved the petting zoo. He was like a little kid :). Ashley wasn’t so sure about it. She liked the goats, but everything else scared her. She and I smartly skipped the bat room!!

The fun wasn’t over when it was time to leave either! We decided to try for another family self-portrait…. we laugh every time we see them. Ashley had fun playing with Daddy through the car window before she went in her car seat too. She thought it was fun to climb around.

The activity wore her out! She fell asleep in the car, then went home to take a nap. So did we! It’s always a good day if it ends with family naptime!

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Don’t mess with the police

This morning, someone came to our door and explained a tradition of our town: during the parade that was to take place a bit later in the morning, there would be a firetruck spraying the crowd, and they wanted us to spray the kids on the truck back. Never one to take a challenge lightly, Mark decided he would take on anyone in the parade who had a watergun with our (newly installed) hose.

Enter The Policeman on the Bike.

Now, at some point, The Policeman on a Bike came up with a water gun.  I’m not sure how, because in this picture, he clearly didn’t have one.  But by the time he got across the road, he did. And he sprayed Mark. So Mark sprayed back.  A lot. Multiple times. The Policeman on a Bike took it in good humor, but was clearly willing to take the challenge issued by Mark.  Not to be outdone, The Policeman on a Bike began to plot his revenge.  A few minutes later, we were ambushed from behind. The Policeman on a Bike came up behind us across our front lawn (which had a crowd of people on it) and began spraying Mark from behind. Mark, in true competitive fashion, grabbed his trusty garden hose to retaliate.

No water came out.  And The Policeman on a Bike began chanting something along the lines of  “How do you like this without your hose?”  Turns out The Policeman on a Bike is pretty smart. He asked one of the random people on the lawn to kink the garden hose so no water came out.

Mark was bested by The Policeman on a Bike. Somehow I have a suspicious this might become an annual competition.

Mark also wasn’t content to stop with the The Policeman on a Bike. He decided to take on the Fireman on a Truck too.

I’ll let you guess the outcome of that!

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