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Ashley conversations

Here are some highlights of what we’re hearing these days:

“Thank you for taking me to Nana’s house, Daddy!”

“Two churches! Ashley’s church & Nana’s church”

“Praying hands mommy!”

“Let’s both sing songs” (As she leads Mark & I to her bed at night)

“I don’t like it”

“Thank you for making dinner, Mommy!”

“I want to eat animal crackers!” (The kid is obsessed. I hear this all day long)

“I still hungry.”

“I need fresh water. “

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Missing in Action

Every year, the renewal for my blog domain comes up, and every year I have an internal debate about whether to renew it or not.

“I’ve blogged once this year.”

“Do I need Facebook and a blog?”

“It is a really cool domain; I’d hate to lose it.”

“Why don’t I just hide under a rock and pretend the world doesn’t exist?”

“Who really reads this?”

“How will people know to read this since I never tell anyone I have a blog?”

“What? I have a blog?”

“Maybe I’ll blog once there’s no longer 8 lbs of food on my dining room floor (Thanks kids).”

“Eh, I might as well renew it for one more year.”

So then I renew the domain and proceed to forget that I have a blog for the next 12 months.

Here’s my dilemma: I haven’t been able to determine WHY I have a blog.

When we first got married, I set this up and figured that I should put together a whole blog plan just in case I someday became a mommy blogger or something (Right? Because that’s what everyone does! Make money from your blog). But it never really sat well with me. I don’t want millions (or thousands or hundreds) of people knowing what’s happening in our lives. And really, I doubt very many people REALLY care if I moved a package of seeds from the basement to the dining room and back or if Ashley is hiding in curtains (ok, arguably more people are probably interested in Ashley hiding in the curtains…but it’s still a really limited audience!). And do the few people who really read this really care if I post a 1,000 essay on well, anything? (ok, there are a few).

I actually had an epiphany this week on all of these things. The catalyst: Young House Love is taking a break from blogging (boo…and yet I understand!). At some point in their explanations and processing, they said something like: “Why are we chasing something we don’t even want?”


Why am I stressing out to make this blog into something that I don’t even want?? I don’t want to be a mommy blogger, I don’t want millions of people to know who we are, I don’t want to be president of the United States (yes, friends and family: Vote for me in 2016 has officially met it’s demise). I want a place to record the mundane and highlights of our family, to keep a journal for myself of what we’re doing, and an opportunity to mull around some thoughts and flesh them out on “paper.” It wouldn’t hurt to try to keep my brain in shape a bit too.

And I want a pretty blog to do it all on.

So, somehow this week, I started poking around again on WordPress. The tools have come a long way since I last messed with it and I was able to implement a new design that helps me differentiate a bit more. (Technically, it’s still a slight work in process- I need Mark’s developer brain for the last few bits). But, it has structure and categories and makes me a little less crazy. Let’s see if the rest of the pieces can fall into place now!



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The Life of a Seed

This is the story of these seeds:

Once upon a time (3 years ago this week), these seeds joined our family. In a moment of bold ambition, we declared “We’re Farmers!”┬áNow, most normal seeds live a dull life; they get planted and then they do their thing, and then they die. Not these seeds! No, no! These seeds have had the unique opportunity to travel a whole new world! In three years, they’ve gone from the store to the kitchen counter, to the sideboard drawer, to a flowerpot, to a flowerpot in the basement in the middle of the basement, to a drawer in the basement, back to a flowerpot on a shelf on a wall in the basement. Think of the elevation changes. Think of the time they’ve had to contemplate the meaning of life.

I’m so glad we didn’t deprive these seeds of their adventure by doing something boring like planting them!

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Pinterest Project: Photo Ledges

I decided to try to complete one pinterest project per month and make one pinterest recipe per month this year. (caveats: My list may change slightly as I go AND it will not be evenly spaced at one/month. But will aim to do all 12 from each list by December)

I’m a little late getting started, but I (mostly) finished my first one! I found this pin that incorporated photos over a couch using Ikea Photo ledges.


I made a quick trip to Ikea (and Five Guys. and Target) in Detroit and came home with all that I needed! Mark promptly hung them for me and I picked out some pictures. And voila!

It’s a bit different than the sample (We were too tired to figure out how to offset the ledges. maybe someday). I also need to get some different/more pics for the top ledge, I think. But for now, I’m calling this one finished!

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Clean Up

We’ve started to ask Ashley to pick up her toys before bed. Tonight was the best yet; she helped pick up more than half of them! The best part was when I picked up some play dishes. She made her adorable OH face (mouth open, hand over her mouth) and ran into the dining room to pick up the cup that she had left on the windowsill (I didn’t even know it was there). She was SO excited to help put it away!

It’s nice to have something to celebrate after a day of tantrums!

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