The Life of a Seed

This is the story of these seeds:

Once upon a time (3 years ago this week), these seeds joined our family. In a moment of bold ambition, we declared “We’re Farmers!”┬áNow, most normal seeds live a dull life; they get planted and then they do their thing, and then they die. Not these seeds! No, no! These seeds have had the unique opportunity to travel a whole new world! In three years, they’ve gone from the store to the kitchen counter, to the sideboard drawer, to a flowerpot, to a flowerpot in the basement in the middle of the basement, to a drawer in the basement, back to a flowerpot on a shelf on a wall in the basement. Think of the elevation changes. Think of the time they’ve had to contemplate the meaning of life.

I’m so glad we didn’t deprive these seeds of their adventure by doing something boring like planting them!

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